My Favourite and Least Favourite Ulzzang

September, 1

Hello, peeps!

As you know, I am a fanfic author at AFF or Like the other authors who uses ulzzangs as OC (original character), we authors want them to be super pretty and suitable for the character. As an example, authors at AFF love to make a character known as Ice-princess which means cold but pretty. One of the most famous ulzzang that authors love to use is Baek Sumin, you can clearly tell because she’s all over the posters in AFF.


Authors like her for her natural looking beauty and tight face that makes her look cold but she’s still gorgeous. Without further ado, lets get to the main point.

Here are some of my favourite ulzzangs:

hwan hee

Park Hwan Hee

She is suitable for an innocent/tough character. And I think she looks a lot like TaeYeon! waaaa~


Park Seul, she is my favourite ulzzang ever! She’s cute, hot and all! I think she’s suitable for any character. Her face doesn’t look fake or too dolly for my liking. Though, i think she still look like a barbie to me! In a good way XD


The next one is the famous Park Sora! She is a very famous ulzzang, she model for stylenanda and her ulzzang co-worker is no other than Jung Min Hee. Authors on AFF likes to make her as their original character too.


The last one is Do Hwe Ji, she is dolly and cute! But her face doesn’t look too fake and too perfected, if you know what I mean. Now, let’s move to my least favourites and I want to inform you guys that I did not say they are ugly okay. No hates towards them, least favourite means they are not my favourite but I still like them.

My least Favourite Ulzzang:


Kim Shin Yeong, she is cute but she looks a little mature. Not really, but she looks a little fake to me, no offence. She is still prettier than me though so LOL! ><


The next one is Park Hyo Jin, don’t get me wrong. I like to use her as OC too, but only in a few character that suits a face like her. As example, a fragile and innocent girl, it definitely suits her. But I found a story on AFF that uses her as a COLD girl who is tough and all. Seriously, does she look cold too you, I guess no.


Song Ah Ri is a very loved ulzzang. I often go to an ulzzang roleplay shop and I saw many people wanting to be her. I saw many fanfics that uses her as OC too but hey, everybody has their own opinion right? She does look a little plastic to me though. Once again, no offence.


Then, we have Lee Geum Hee. She isn’t that popular but yeah, just showing you guys. LOL! I’m so random >-<


Kim Do Yeon! She seems familiar right? Let me show you another picture to remind you who she is.


jajann! She became famous in an instant because of her past relationship with MY L! You little L stealer! >:'(



The last one is, Hong Young Ki! She does not look fake to me, I repeat that. She just look too young, oh you know, I like innocent but still mature looking girl. Hong Young Ki looks a little too elementary schoolish to me ahaks!

Thats all, I guess. I hope this helped you in any way. Much love from me!